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Why continued education for healthcare professionals is so important to the Royal Society of Medicine

Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Medicine, Helen Gordon, writes on how key partnerships centered around education are helping the organisation maximise its impact:

Since I joined the Royal Society of Medicine as Chief Executive in March 2017, our focus has been on the strategic direction and development of our education programme.

Central to our membership offering, our education also helps us fulfil our responsibility as a charity to support the NHS and other healthcare organisat

ions to deliver excellence to patients and populations throughout the UK and beyond.

The RSM is a leading provider of continuing professional development for doctors and other
healthcare professionals. Unique compared with other organisations, we offer meetings,
conferences, workshops and other educational events across 50-plus specialties, which address broad and sometimes controversial health topics. These and our patient engagement events combine to create a diverse audience.

Much of what we do is in partnership with the significant number of RSM members who work in our specialty sections, together with external organisations and other talented individuals.

Partnership working enriches what we do, broadens possibilities and helps us reach an extended circle of doctors and other healthcare professionals, maximising our impact as a charity.

Helen Gordon, Chief Executive, Royal Society of Medicine

We are constantly evolving our membership offer and this now includes sixth form membership and membership for those on NHS England’s Clinical Entrepreneur Scheme and Digital Academy.

Alongside our events programme, we offer these members access to our extensive online and
physical library service, networking, and spaces to work, study and collaborate.

Looking forward, we aim to be a more prominent partner and collaborator amongst the Medical Royal Colleges, societies, and many other organisations, including the College of Medicine, that play their part in supporting healthcare professionals in their work, study, research and more.

To download the RSM’s 2018 Education Strategy CLICK HERE