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We welcome Simon Tuckey as our new Ambassador to the food industry

GetFileAttachment-1When we ran our recent and hugely popular conference Food. the forgotten Medicine, we spoke about the gulf between much of the food industry and aspirations for better health for the whole population through better eating. We are therefore delighted that Simon Tuckey, a food industry insider, has come forward to work for us as an ambassador to the constituency he has worked in for so many years.  Like us, he would like to see responsibility for good food lying not just with government, but throughout the food chain.

Simon has spent most of his career in the food industry in the UK and overseas. In the last 10 years he has branched into other areas like house building, healthcare and sport but has, in the last 2 years, returned to food with the launch of Tuckey’s Proper Biscuits.

With a long track record in marketing and selling as well as general management, his career highlights include:

  • Creating the ground breaking first (and only?) big baked snack brand, Mini Cheddars
  • Brand and product rationalisation at McVitie’s to create one of the most profitable British food companies
  • Building a £100 million Asian business for United Biscuits
  • Leading the consolidation of the UK butter market as MD of Anchor Foods

In sport, as Chairman of London Athletics, he was responsible for launching the Power of 10 athlete performance management system, which has enabled every budding athlete, wherever situated, to experience the inspiration of being matched to very other.

As Commercial Director of British Basketball, he secured the first major sponsor in Standard Life which carried the men’s and women’s teams through the 2012 Olympics.

His major interest now is in encouraging a dramatic improvement in the way our society eats…….to increase enjoyment and to enhance well-being. He is convinced that better (not cheaper) food has the power to improve health directly, to ward off the debilitating effects of modern lifestyle and to make longer and more satisfying lives. He is convinced that demonising this or that ingredient is not the answer to obesity and is passionate that children particularly must once more be shown how marvellous real food can be. Proper food for all should not be the responsibility of only government: farmers, food manufacturers and retailers as well as all citizens need to take responsibility for eating well, keeping healthy, not wasting and managing sustainably.


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