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College of Medicine: Our vision and values

The College of Medicine was founded in 2010 to reform healthcare so that it works for everyone in a way that’s inclusive, progressive and compassionate. We want to redefine medicine beyond pills and procedures, to reconnect practitioners with patients, people with their environment and use both conventional and non-conventional approaches to health. The College is a ‘coming together’ of some of the brightest minds in the UK including NHS pioneers, scientists, CAM professionals, students and members of the public.


Reform healthcare so that it works for everyone; young and old, rich and poor, black and white

Put health and care at the centre of society where everyone is equipped to stay well and thrive. Where medicine isn’t just about pills

Tackle illness based on our needs, not the system’s, with every medical tool available to us without discrimination


HONESTY: We are honest and upfront in everything we do. What you see is what you get

INCLUSIVITY: The College is open to all and we believe in the power of many for positive change: we welcome debate for the collective cause

COLLABORATION: We encourage trust and respect between people, partners and institutions

COMPASSION: We believe in kindness and compassion for all; it remains at the core of our aims and endeavours

COMMITMENT: We’ll give everything we can to achieve our vision of better healthcare