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Video workshop on food as medicine: exploring taste in common herbs and spices

From ancient times humans have eaten natural herbs and spices.

Traditional medicine knew how to use them to act as catalysts in enhancing or reducing the power of foods. Food really can be medicine.

In June, Harmony in Health held an interactive workshop exploring tastes, textures and types of herbs and spices in cooked or raw food.

The session, which you can watch above, explored the six tastes found in easily accessible herbs and spices.

If you want to join in as you watch, then it’d be useful to have cinnamon, lemon, salt, ginger, a clove of garlic, cumin, rosemary and a hot cup of black coffee or tea with you. Otherwise, it’s fine to just watch


The video discusses the variability of individual responses to them and explore ways to use them in our everyday lives.

How do we find the right balance in our cooking and eating to reach harmony within ourselves and the environment?

For more information on herbs; read our guide to 16 of them below: