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VIDEO: ‘We’re like a Duke of Edinburgh for the over 55s’: The Challenge Hub helps new retirees adjust to the post-work life change

Retirement remains one of the biggest life transitions we face, where one can go from a fast-paced career to a much quieter existence in a matter of days.

And while many employers are very happy to throw a farewell party and lavish a loyal employee with retirement gifts, there’s often little attention paid to helping people then transcend happily into the next period of their life.


(Picture credit: The Challenge Hub)
The Challenge Hub founder, Richard Pertwee

The Challenge Hub, a new not-for-profit organisation, with social prescribing at its core, presents retirees over the age of 55 with the opportunity to learn new skills, try different types of exercise and make a social contribution via volunteering – all with the aim of helping them to live well in later years.

Founder Richard Pertwee says The Challenge Hub website presents a sort of ‘Duke of Edinburgh for the over 55s’.

With its interactive forum, known as Hub Tales, working in a similar way to popular parenting website Mumsnet, members can share their progress and achievements with others.

In a video interview with the College, Richard said The Challenge Hub would also allow people to undertake a challenge known as the ‘All-in-One’, which offers a structured and creative approach to self improvement.

(Picture credit: The Challenge Hub)

He explains: ‘There is no signposting for older people in the way there is for younger people through school, Scouts, National Citizenship Service, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Cadet Corps or any of the other organisations on offer.

‘The All-in-One challenge is our version of DofE for the over 55s and we think that this is long overdue.

‘It is ambitious and calls for achievements in each of the same three pillars of learning, physical activity and social contribution.’

Richard also said companies would be able to register employees retiring from work with The Challenge Hub, saying it was important that employers recognised that retirement isn’t always an easy process for people.

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