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VIDEO: “Food can help prevent illness and be part of treating disease”

This month brings the College of Medicine’s third annual Food conference, this year entitled ‘Food on Prescription‘, to the Royal Society of Medicine on October 24th.

Dr Michael Dixon and Dr James Fleming on how food can be doubly powerful for both patients and clinicians in preventing and treating illness

The one-day conference has become a ‘must attend’ for healthcare professionals who want to know how to create a healthier future for patients, communities and the nation.

Dr Michael Dixon, conference chair, said: “Food on Prescription is an absolute must for both members of the public and clinicians because we’re going to explain in practical terms what you as a patient and you as a clinician – even in that ten-minute consultation – can do to prevent illness and as part of treating disease. No-one’s done that before, which is what makes this conference so unique.”

Dr James Fleming, a GP in Burnley will be bringing eight local schoolchildren to the conference to explain how an initiative has seen them grow and cook their own food

And Dr James Fleming, a GP practicing in Burnley, Lancashire, will take to the stage with eight schoolchildren who’ve taken part in a healthy eating project, Green Dreams, that’s seen them growing and cooking their own food.

In the video below, Professor Sir Sam Everington, the conference’s chair, explains a little bit more about what attendees can expect at this year’s event.

Professor Sir Everington is among the list of speakers appearing at this year’s conference