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VIDEO: Prof Dean Ornish to speak at UK Food Conference

A leading global voice on social prescribing, Professor Dean Ornish, whose body of work promotes a healthier lifestyle via exercise, diet and stress over pills, will speak at The College of Medicine’s Food on Prescription Conference at The Royal Society of Medicine in October.

Prof Dean Ornish will speak at the Food on Prescription conference in London in October

The American physician and researcher, president and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in California and Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, will appear via video link at the conference.  

Prof Ornish told the College of Medicine in a video interview earlier this year: ‘Food is one of the most powerful determinants of our health and well-being. I’m continually impressed by how dynamic these biological mechanisms are in that when you eat well, you feel well.”

Prof Ornish recently appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s Soul Sunday show talking in depth with the star about meditation and stress management.

Over the past three years, the College of Medicine’s Food Conference has become the leading UK event on food, lifestyle and medicine and has become a ‘must attend’ for healthcare professionals, who want to know how to create a healthier future for patients, communities and the nation.

The Conference will see leaders in food, lifestyle and medicine speaking, including The Diet Myth author Professor Tim Spector (pictured below), Patrick Holden from The Sustainable Food Trust and cancer expert Dr Catherine Zollman.

The 2019 conference will focus on:

  • The latest insights on the biome and the relationship of food to our major lifestyle conditions
  • Supporting healthy eating throughout our communities and nation
  • Transforming the clinician to patient relationship between GPs
  • Creating a stronger coalition of stakeholders to reverse the current situation whereby those who most need healthy food are the least likely to be able to either access it or want it.

For more information on the Food on Prescription Conference 2019, click here