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The six questions you should ask your GP: Read Professor Sir Muir Gray’s advice

Professor Sir Muir Gray, who’s on The College of Medicine’s Scientific Advisory Council, has revealed his advice on what patients should be asking their doctors to make the most of a short appointment time.  

Sir Muir, who is a director at GHS, a platform for tracking physical, emotional and cognitive health, shared the advice with MailOnline, offering six key questions that could help empower patients when they have just a short time to discuss their health with a GP.

Among the questions Sir Muir said patients should prepare an answer for, to help both themselves and over-stretched practitioners get the best outcome, were:

  • When did it start?
  • What have you tried?
  • Does anything make it better or worse?

Read the full article here: How to get the absolute most out of your 5-minute GP appointment: Six simple questions you should know the answer to, according to a doctor

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