Changing the conversation about health

Thanks to Debbie Cragg and College plans for the future


Michael Dixon, Chair of Council of the College, will take on the role of Executive Chairman from 1st October. The College will continue its work with its office at Guy’s Hospital but with a more streamlined administrative structure. We will be continuing our important work with a range of stakeholders including multidisciplinary students and healthcare professionals, who share the College’s vision of a more integrated health system based on evidence and which puts patients first in a more comprehensive definition of health that takes account of mind, body and spirit.

  • Student summer schools will be extending into further autumn and winter student schools and we will be organising a range of events that will be publicised in the autumn.
  • One of these will be the first UK Conference on Health and Food at the Royal Society of Medicine in early 2016, which will provide practical knowledge for clinicians and patients but also be a springboard for our wider philosophy that good medicine must extend beyond pills and procedures.

As the College enters a new phase, we want to thank all of you, who have supported us over the years and look forward to seeing you at our various events and hearing from you as to how we can forward our mutual mission”.

Dr Michael Dixon
Chair of Council September 2015