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Take the social prescribing challenge


Take your first simple steps in social prescribing and let us know how it went

Social prescription remains under the radar for many health professionals and general public. We invite you to try social prescribing yourself, and let us know how it went. You can begin with some very simple changes – find some inspiration here…

Getting started

1. Find 3-5 examples of services available in your local area which may be useful in helping people deal with or recover from illness
2. Use these in your consultations where appropriate
3. Make a note of what you learn and share it with us below
4. Pass on the social prescribing challenge to another colleague

See Emily Downs’ example here.

The Dream

A health system that can help to heal the whole person and not just the 20% of health outcomes currently accountable to quality clinical care. A system in which interaction between health, social, charity and voluntary sectors is the norm and in which referral to groups that empower service users and their community to create health for themselves is simple.

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social prescribing

  • What did you do towards social prescribing - how did you find it, what happened?