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“It’s wonderful to belong to an organisation that has the influence and momentum to divert us away from unsustainability, that will hear my voice and represent me.”

— College member

College of Medicine membership brings practical benefits like discounts of 10 – 20% on our events and an opportunity to be elected to our Councils and become more deeply involved in our work.  For healthcare professionals, it’s also a way to let peers and patients know that you are signed up to our values.

Joining the College is affordable for all. Our fee structure makes it possible for most people to join the College, regardless of income.  Everyone who joins the College is an equal partner.

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Everything we do is enabled by our supporters and donors – and our mixture of programmes is often unlike anything else being offered in the healthcare sector.

You can choose to give our groundbreaking College lecturers a voice and an audience, or help to support young healthcare professionals in training that connects them with thought leaders, those training in other health disciplines, and patients as trainers. By helping us to change the conversation today, you’ll be changing the reality on the ground tomorrow.

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