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Student strategy group

A J Yates

AJ has been interested in all aspects of healthcare since joining St John Ambulance as a child – he is still a volunteer first aid trainer and assessor for his local unit. AJ’s interest has broadened in recent years: he has a degree in herbal medicine from Middlesex University (which reflects a belief in the beneficial effects of patient-centred complementary medicine), a masters in medical anthropology from Brunel University (which reflects an interest in social and cultural aspects of health and illness), and recently completed a PhD at The University of Westminster which used patient narratives to investigate women’s experiences of distress and their experience of using western herbal practice for distress.  Having previously been a founding member of the College of Medicine’s Student Strategy Group, he is now a mentor for the next generation of students, as well as being senior admin officer for the college.

Axie Finch

My name is Axie Finch and I am studying Medicine at the University of Birmingham. To date, I have completed the first three years of my medical studies, and I am currently intercalating at Imperial Business School in Health and Management. Areas of medicine in which I am particularly interested include emergency care, intensive care, surgery and oncology. At the University of Birmingham, I hold a position on the Basic Life Support committee facilitating a course to teach first-year medical students First Aid.

I also have a particular interest in community outreach health projects; in 2016, I co-coordinated a social enterprise resuscitation event at V festival, raising awareness of CPR to 3000 members of the public, and previously on my gap year I worked in a community hospital in Zambia, which enabled me to gain an insight into the realities and difficulties of healthcare in less economically developed societies. With the ever growing demands and pressures placed upon the current health care system – even in a country as developed as the United Kingdom – I have a growing interest in the management of healthcare, both as a means to maximise the quality of care we can deliver, and to make sure that each and every patient gets the attention they need and deserve. In my spare time, I enjoy, cooking, long distance running, and travelling to discover new places!

I have been part of the College of Medicine Student Lead Committee since October 2016 and have really enjoyed being involved in conferences and discussions regarding the future of medicine. I hope to bring to the team my recent experience in the business world, my passion for medicine, and my enthusiasm for adventure!