Changing the conversation about health

Our student lead: Lauren Quinn

My name is Lauren Quinn and I am in my fourth year studying medicine at the University of Birmingham.

I am truly honoured and delighted to have become a part of the College of Medicine which achieves so much and continually inspires the next generation of Health Care Professionals by means of sheer determination! Its principles are inherent to how I endeavour to practice medicine in the future; engage with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, adopt a holistic approach to healthcare and focus on wellbeing of patients which is comprised of mental, physical and social constructs.

The College of Medicine Summer schools have become a highlight of my year as their ability to inspire and engage students from all healthcare professions and from all across the UK is unrivalled. I am so proud to be the Student Strategy Group Lead for this amazing organisation and we look forward to bringing you another summer school which challenges, inspires and tailors the College’s practice