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Student conference slides

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summer schoolThe College of Medicine 2011 Student Summer School brought together a variety of experts to explore how best to tackle obesity. Presentations from many of the main speakers are attached below.


Obesity Research

The psychology of obesity and its treatment
Professor Jane Ogden, Professor of Health Psychology, University of Surrey

Obesity leads to metabolic syndrome leads to diabetes
Professor David, A. Bender, Emeritus Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry, University College London

How do we improve our understanding? Research strategies for integrated medicine
Professor George Lewith, College of Medicine Vice Chair, Professor of Health Research, Southampton University


Approaches to Treatment

Treating obesity – what works?
Dr Susan Jebb, Head of Nutrition and Health, MRC Human Nutrition Research, Cambridge

Multidisciplinary approaches to management and prevention; a working model
Dale Carter, Lead Obesity Specialist Nurse, Rotherham Institute for Obesity

Self care the future of healthcare?
Professor David Peters, co-Lead College of Medicine Faculty for Self care, Clinical Director, School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster