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What social prescribing can be…

timebank imageSocial prescribing is different things to different people

To some it is the solution to the NHS crisis offering preliminary evidence that it could improve results whilst reducing costs and reducing admissions and hospital attendances at the same time.

For others it has been proven a creator of social capital. In a Bristol project, for instance, £2.90 worth of social capital was deemed to be raised by every pound spent.

For others it is the provider of job satisfaction to frustrated professionals struggling to meet socio-economic needs against an unsupportive medical model and system.

From a social group helping to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, to a craft group offering enjoyment and feelings of achievement.

From fitness classes enabling participation in physical activity, to educational sessions building skills and self-reliance.

It is one of few interventions that targets the factors contributing to the 80% of health outcomes that traditional clinical medicine cannot help.