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Richard Eaton


Richard Eaton has a professional background as a barrister (now retired), as a lecturer in law and as a business mentor. He has, for many years, supported and campaigned for the freedom of practitioners to practise and for their patients to receive complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). He formerly owned and practice-managed, together with his wife Marion Eaton, a Solicitor (now retired) and Reiki Master Teacher, The Professional Centre for Holistic Health in the Old Town of Hastings, East Sussex, which provided full practicing facilities for 16 CAM Practitioners. Richard advocates the use of Complementary Integrated Medicine within both the public and the private healthcare sectors. He writes a quarterly newsletter about CAM for the College of Medicine and he has written a short book/e-book titled: “Business Guide for Health Therapists: How to find what you need to know”, links to which may be found here and here.