Changing the conversation about health

Emily Downs

Emily Downs is a third year Physiotherapy student. She says “I got involved with the college in 2014 after receiving an email about the upcoming summer school based on self-management and resilience. I felt that these were key topics for the physiotherapy profession especially and for the future of the NHS in general.

I was really inspired by the College’s commitment to improving future health care with patient opinions at the heart. Furthermore, the recognition the College gives to all healthcare professions and strategies seems unique amongst many of the health organisations and is a stance that I really value.

It was a privilege to be selected to be part of the student strategy group as it is a unique opportunity for our visions and opinions to be listened to and taken seriously, with our ambitions for the future of health not only encouraged but supported in their implementation to reality.

My aspirations are to make the most of this fantastic opportunity to promote the College’s values of collaboration, innovation and integration and help in the development of projects that will make a lasting positive difference to the way we view and deliver healthcare.”