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Since autumn 2012, our First Thursday lectures have been airing groundbreaking health ideas and discoveries to create a better 21st century medicine.  Some, but not all, have been filmed: we bring all the material together here.

Explore all the films on our video channel here


October 2012: Insulin Resistance / The Search for optimal nutrition

Professor Kieran Clarke explained how the latest research into insulin resistance may increase athletic performance and offer ways to treat heart failure and Alzheimers.

We can’t show the film of this lecture as it included unpublished work – however a Daily Mail journalist who was present wrote this article which gives a lay overview of the issues discussed.

Professor Clarke’s lecture was followed by a whistlestop tour of the ‘search for optimal nutrition’ from Dr Alan Stewart.  You can watch the film of this part of the evening here.



November 2012: Better approaches to Prostate Cancer

Professor Mark Emberton and Dr Hashim Ahmed discuss using sound waves to target prostate cancer: breakthrough treatment to reduce side effects.

You can watch a film of the whole event in three parts here.



December 2012: Herbal medicine

Dr Andrew Flower looks at herbal medicine.  Is it an anachronism or the way ahead for forward thinking GPs?

Watch the film here.



February 2013: Latest advances in fertility and infertility

Two leading gynaecologists – Mr Michael Dooley and Mr Davor Jurkovic talk about how ultrasound has made it much easier to treat for infertility. 

Watch the film here.


March 2013: Psycho-Sexual Medicine

Dr Dmitri Popelyuk has vast experience working with men, women and couples across a variety of sexual dysfunctions. In this lecture he explained what psycho-sexual medicine is, and what treatments, help and support are available.

This lecture was not filmed, but we will be publishing a short summary soon.



May 2013: The Toxic Timebomb in your shopping basket

Although scientists agree smoking, alcohol, inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption and sedentary behaviour are the biggest culprits of chronic diseases and mental and behavioural disorders Dr Verkerk will show the extent to which our food manufacturers also encourage the very diets and lifestyles that are killing us slowly, but steadily.

Watch the film here.