Changing the conversation about health

Our Constitution

Our central aim is to advance health for the public benefit which we do through:

  • Engaging with and developing communities of health professionals, health care providers and patients
  • Leading, representing, training and supporting stakeholders so they are better equipped to serve the public in improving the health of the public;
  • establishing an evidence base for integrated health and for individual complementary modalities
  • Promoting, fostering and advancing an integrated approach to health care
  • Raising public, professional and political awareness and cultivating a sentiment in favour of an integrated approach to health and care by publishing and distributing material on any media
  • Advising healthcare professionals, other stakeholders, the public and patients with the aim of improving the health of the public and the care of patients
  • Promoting, encouraging, carrying out research, surveys and studies, and making the results available;
  • Organising and providing conferences, courses and other educational activities
  • Providing counselling and advice
  • Alone or with other organisations seeking to influence public opinion and making representations to and seeking to influence governmental and other bodies and institutions regarding the reform, development and implementation of appropriate policies, legislation and regulations.

Read our constitution here.