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Our community’s voice: What you’ve told us about the work The College of Medicine does

The College of Medicine works to re-define medicine beyond pills and procedures, and our members and wider community are vital to our success.

By engaging with our online classes – covering everything from mindfulness to hypnosis and nutrition – our supporters have shown over the last year exactly how effective community can be to improving our health – both mental and physical.

Going online! Much of The College of Medicine’s work has been virtual during the pandemic and members have told us how they’ve appreciated our online classes

Below is just some of the feedback we’ve received in recent months about how the College of Medicine has helped our members and those attending our virtual classes, particularly during the hardest months of lockdown.

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Jay: “Very informative and Heather kept to simple, understandable concepts and language. Thank you!”

Agnies: “Fantastic presentation, thank you! Really helpful for me as a GP to add to my narrative. Looking forward to the slides.”

Farinaz: “Very useful overview and some very practical points. Many thanks.”

Jay, Agnies AND FARINAZ were speaking about a healthy eating WEBINAR with College of Medicine Nutrition lead Heather Richards

College of Medicine member Elizabeth Solowo-Coker said The College of Medicine had been “one cornerstone of my life throughout the period of the pandemic”.

She told us: “I am absolutely certain that many of the activities/events being a member has given me access to have helped me get through this difficult time with minimal negative impact on my health and well-being – both physical and emotional – in a way that many people I know have not.”

College of Medicine member Elizabeth Solowo-Coker attended many of the free online sessions offered during lockdown including Lu Jong with instructor Deniah Pachai (pictured above)

Elizabeth said she’d benefited from sessions including Lu Jong (Tibetan Healing Yoga), yoga nidra, ​laughter yoga, breath practice and hypnosis, as well as ayuryoga (which brings together Ayurvedic principles and yoga), webinars on magnesium for stress and anxiety, and the benefits of fasting.

Fellow member Madeleine Brzeski wrote to us earlier this year to tell us that she felt “extremely fortunate to be a member of an organisation that puts the health and social needs of people at its core.”

Madeleine, a chiropractor, said: “This has been a strange 12 months and The College of Medicine has been, for me, a solid foundation to keep myself centred and focused, especially in my care of patients, most of whom have required a different approach due to fear, anxiety, loss and grief.”

“The courses I have attended have helped me, and helped me to help patients. The sessions with Mark Chambers and Freddie Jacquin are very informative. The power of the human mind is extraordinary, those guys make it very accessible and easy to understand.”

HILDA (Harmony in Living and Dying) sessions with Dr Eleni Tsiompanou had also proved useful, said Madeleine. “Many patients that I see, currently have an overwhelming fear of death and dying. It seems to be exacerbated by the negative media coverage of the pandemic.”

“Mark and Freddie have given me skills to set people’s intention on the present and Eleni and her colleagues have some wonderful guidance for end-of-life care.”

SHARE YOUR STORY: If you’d like to share your own story, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at or post your stories across our social media channels.