Changing the conversation about health

Meet our students: Alison Zander, Student Lead

IMG_3036(1)1. Where are you in your studies?
I am just completing my second year of a four year graduate-entry medicine degree at Swansea University. This now my sixth year studying, having previously studied for three years for a BSc in Biology and one year for an MSc in Public Health Nutrition. Although these years learning were interspersed by work, I eagerly look forward to getting a job at the end.

2. How would you describe yourself?
I think of myself as a positive person and I find fun in everything that I do. I have always enjoyed talking to people and hearing their stories, and I think we can learn a lot from each other’s experiences. I think listening in this way makes me a caring and compassionate person. I prefer to be busy doing things than not, and will find useful tasks, paint, read, or go outdoors for a hike or bike ride if I have any spare time.

3. What first attracted you to the College of Medicine, CoM?
I first came across the CoM three years ago, while I was working at King’s College London. I helped to organise the summer school that King’s was hosting that year. It gave me a unique perspective on the CoM’s multi-disciplinary approach to health, and it was something I felt very strongly about and wanted to be involved with, where I could be.

4. What have you been able to do with the College of Medicine?
Working with and helping the CoM has given me the opportunity to meet like-minded, driven and passionate health professionals with a range of backgrounds and skills. This has given me the confidence and resources to start conversations outside of the CoM, with friends and colleagues, thinking holistically about subjects as diverse as caring for the elderly, ‘green health’, food for health and social prescriptions for optimising health. Collectively, myself and other Student Leads have generated sponsorship, organised and promoted events for other healthcare students. We want to share thoughts and spark ideas on how to improve the way we care for people.

5. What’s your favourite colour?