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Meet our students: Tim Owen Jones

1614608_10153653732080538_1276824610_o-1024x1024Where are you in your studies?
I’m a final year BSc adult nursing student at King’s College London, KCL.

How would you describe yourself?
I’m a curious compassionate person who really enjoys working with and for people. Before studying nursing, I obtained a masters degree in engineering and then in the arts policy and management. I lived abroad and then worked for six years as a producer of socially engaged live art and performance. I like learning and immersing myself in people’s lives, helping them with their challenges. I swim, cycle, get a veg box and try to live my life well (and on a student’s budget.)

What first attracted you to the College of Medicine, CoM?
I was interested in attending the College’s 2014 Summer School on Resilience and Self Care. I realised that there are so many aspects of care of which we don’t have time to go into depth, whilst studying at university. I saw the opportunity to meet other health and social care practitioners, hear more and learn about their practice.

What have you been able to do with the College of Medicine?
I became a Student Lead at CoM when the Student Strategy Group was formed. I helped facilitate Summer School 2015 and the first satellite learning event in Bristol. I was also able to attend the social prescribing seminar at Bromley by Bow Centre, for which I created a 10-minute reflective video that was published on the CoM website. I attended the first national social prescribing network meeting, fed back to my nursing colleagues as guest speaker on one of our assessed modules and am now very excited about incorporating my learning into practice.

What’s your favourite colour?
Red with white dots.