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How we marked Social Prescribing Day 2023

Social Prescribing Day is an annual celebration of social prescribing, recognising link workers, local community groups and regional and national organisations which support people’s health and wellbeing.

This year Social Prescribing Day fell on Thursday 9th March – with many key voices from The College of Medicine sharing their own stories on Social Prescribing, watch the videos below:

Speaking on Social Prescribing Day 2023, our Chair, Dr Michael Dixon, describes the growing importance of Social Prescribing within our healthcare systems

Social prescribing is a way of actively connecting people to activities, groups and services that can improve their health and wellbeing. For example, people may visit their GP because they may be feeling stressed about their work, money, or because they are lonely and isolated. But these problems cannot be fixed by medicine, or doctors, alone.

In this short video, Dr Naveed Akhtar, a College of Medicine Board Member, and co-chair of the Integrated Medicine Alliance, explains exactly what Social Prescribing is, and how it can benefit both patient and practitioner

Social prescribing links people to a range of activities and services, based on their situation and preferences. This could include, for example, volunteering, arts activities, gardening, befriending, advice on debt or finances, and a range of sports.

Simon Lewis, who works as a child and adolescent psychiatrist and is a College of Medicine Council Member, says he’s experienced first-hand how not just relying on the ‘normal clinical tools’ can help young people
Watch: To mark #socialprescribingday, Dr Jane Myat, a College of Medicine Council Member, shared what #socialprescribing means to her…
Professor Sir Sam Everington, Deputy Chair of The College of Medicine, discusses the social prescribing projects that are making a difference in communities
Gynecologist Michael Dooley, The College of Medicine’s Treasurer, says social prescribing should be thought of as a ‘first go treatment’ for all practitioners
Debs Teale, Trustee for The National Centre for Creative Health and steering committee member for the Social Prescribing Network, speaks about how social prescribing has helped transform her health
College of Medicine Council Member Dr Anton Borg discusses Social Prescribing Day
Practitioner Stephan Hein, from the Body Mind Faculty, recorded a short video to mark Social Prescribing Day


On #SocialPrescribingDay share your case studies and stories of social prescribing in action. You’re most welcome to organise an event together with colleagues and nearby local communities or join an event that’s happening during the day. Use the hashtag #SocialPrescribingDay if you can!