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 house Penny Brohn UK is an organisation that meets the support and information needs of people living with and beyond cancer and their supporters. We do this through a range of residential and non residential courses, information on complementary therapies, psychological support services, complementary therapies and integrative doctors.Penny Brohn has recently developed an innovative weekly Treatment Support Clinic for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy at hospitals local to Bristol. This clinic was developed in partnership with the Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre to provide emotional and physical support, and lifestyle advice, within a peer group setting. It encourages people to play an active self-care role in maintaining wellbeing, reducing side-effects, and making lifestyle changes likely to improve long-term outcomes.
Penny Brohn was a runner up in the College of Medicine’s 2013 Innovations Awards.
Year established
PBUK was established in 1980. Treatment support clinic 2012
Number of staff
PBUK: Paid Staff 80 (plus 50 sessional) Treatment support clinic: Paid Staff (FT equivalent): 0.4PBCC: Volunteer – 80-100 Treatment support clinic: Volunteers: 1 x weekly guest speaker
Number of users
PBUK: Overall, 5,469 clients were seen in the year 2013/2014.1,686 clients were seen on the Residential programme, 5,234 clients were seen non-residentially (Cancerpoint). 616 clients were seen on the Treatment Support Clinic.
Is there a charge to users?
No charge to patients – donations accepted but not expected.
What makes your project sustainable?
TPennyBrohn-80reatment Support Clinic – Financial sustainability
PB continues to fund the TSC through a mixture of specific fundraising appeals and grants (which totalled £22,479 in 2013-14) and core funding.There have also been significant in-kind financial contributions from the BHOC. They are providing the CNS in charge of the Chemotherapy Unit and Day Clinic at the BHOC to appear as the face of the fundraising campaign and the CNS also attended Penny Brohn’s annual Living Well Conference as a guest speaker to present a summary of the Treatment Support Clinic to a group of invited healthcare professionals.Environmental sustainability
The Clinic makes use of the existing facilities at the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre in Bristol. This means that clients are attending the TSC in an already established non-clinical environment and are able to access the Centre’s facilities without the need to find new premises or suppliers.We have an organizational environmental policy, which governs all Penny Brohn services (a copy is available on request). We encourage staff and clients to lift-share, cycle or use public transport to our centre where possible. Food and drinks provided to clients are locally sourced wherever possible.
PennyBrohn-25Penny Brohn
5,469 clients were resident in year 2013/2014.
2,400 clients were seen non-residentially (Cancerpoint).Demographics of clients – all over 18 years of age. Some clients are people with cancer, others are their supporters. Majority of clients with cancer have breast cancer.Treatment Support Clinic – data from 2012/13
45 (50%) users with cancer, 45 (50%) users are supporters of someone with cancer. 33 users (58%) are female. Mean age is 55 years.Cancer types vary: approx 33% breast, 18% bowel, 4% lung but we see a number of more unusual cancer types including gynaecological, upper gastro-intestinal, head & neck, haematological, urological, melanoma and brain. Approximately 37% have metastatic disease.All patients are preparing for, receiving, or within 4 months of completing cancer treatments (chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
PennyBrohn-92The Bristol Approach that sits behind our services is a whole person approach to supporting anyone affected by cancer. We support the person as they explore the impact of the cancer across the physical, psychological, emotional, relational and spiritual. We then help the person find insights into, design support to integrate and embody the key transformational possibilities that arise in this journey.Read more here
Patient-centred, whole person, innovative approach
Read more here
Evidence informed practice/audit and evaluation
Read more here
Multi-disciplinary collaboration, communication and professional practice
All the work at Penny Brohn is designed to work alongside medical treatment.  Read more here.
Quotes from patients
Penny Brohn logoPatient testimonials:
“The Bristol Approach gave me some control back after the rollercoaster ride through treatments, now I feel so much more positive and in control of my future.” Ann:
“The Centre helped me to get through my second occurrence of cancer. I was able to deal with my fears and anxieties which had been so debilitating during my first experiences of cancer. The Bristol Approach gave me the tools to deal positively with my medical treatment and to feel stronger; I learnt to focus on the important aspects of my life.” Ian:
“The Bristol Approach has enabled me to see my diagnosis as an opportunity to change, fight and appreciate the beauty of life. At Penny Brohn Cancer Care I learnt so much and found tools I could use to fight the battle. I meditated, cried for the first time in decades, released inner stresses and felt revitalized and positive.”Quotes from attendees at the Treatment Support Clinics “Feel more relaxed and able to cope with stresses. Lovely to talk to other people going through similar. Less frightened”
“Definite improvement in mental attitude – being with other people in similar situation helps and bouncing ideas off other cancer sufferers plus professionals is a good confidence booster”
“The whole session is always very positive and relaxing. Can’t do without it now!”“The good of the Clinic is immeasurable; thank goodness it exists”
“I feel much more positive now after meeting people in similar circumstances. Thank you”“Definitely has improved my wellbeing. It has inspired me to focus on living with my condition more positively”
“I think the whole programme is so helpful to me – never looked forward to Monday morning so much before”

Contact details
Penny Brohn Cancer Care
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t: 01275 370101