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Bristol Homeopathic Hospital

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We deliver the best of NHS homeopathic care to the South West region and the Midlands. Our vision is to engage with patients to improve symptoms and wellbeing across a range of complex medical conditions.
Year established
Number of staff
Number of users
3,500 per year
Is there a charge to users?
No charge to patients.
What makes your project sustainable?
NHS funded
In the past 5 years we have set up outreach clinics in Street, Collumpton, and Bath to meet the needs of this large region. We also provide a doctor for a homeopathic clinic in Penny Brohn to strengthen the alliance between the two organisations.
How does it share the College’s ethos?
We very much share the ethos of the college having served patients around this region for nearly 100 years. We have a vision of healing and wholeness, central in homeopathic philosophy equating health with freedom.We hope to offer a more integrative service in the future working alongside clinical teams and researchers.
Patients sit at the heart of our service and one of the key approaches we champion is careful and sensitive listening. Sometimes it is the first time within the NHS that the patients feel properly heard. We have the Friends of BHH which is a patient group that meets four times a year to discuss topical issues.
BHH has had a commitment to high quality research and has collaborated with Bristol University to carry out a number of projects.
Lifestyle factors are embedded in all our consultations with discussions around mediation relaxation, healthy dietary choices. We find that when patients are empowered this catalyses a range of lifestyle choices which further improve their situation.
Contact details
Bristol Homeopathic Hospital
at South Bristol Community Hospital
Hengrove Promenade
BS14 0DE
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trustt: 01173429861