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In review: Two-day course on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis

The College of Medicine recently joined forces with Dr Toh Wong and Dr Naveed Akhtar on a two-day course exploring Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis.

Here, we share some of the fantastic feedback we received from those attending. Keep checking the events section of the College of Medicine website for updates on similar courses:

The College’s recent two-day course on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis was led by Dr Naveed Akhtar and Dr Toh Wong

“I was blown away by the amount I learned in two days. The content flowed with good pace and their [Toh and Naveed’s] teaching style engaged the whole group.

Although discussing serious stuff, the tone was relaxed, with laughter from all of us. I will definitely be using my new techniques with my clients, which will make a huge difference in the skills I have to offer.”

“The course went way beyond my expectations. I have left euphoric and positive about how I can use this for myself and my patients. I am excited about the future and all the possibilities it holds.”

“As a dentist treating lots of phobic and anxious patients, I believe I have a very useful tool to help people. The course was excellent, concise and we were shown methods that work. Both speakers were very knowledgeable and approachable”

Dr Toh Wong, seen left here in a one-on-one hypnosis session during the course was described as ‘knowledgeable and enthusiastic’

“”A great introduction to NLP and Hypnosis. Very enjoyable and the most relaxing course I’ve been on!”

“One of the best courses I have attended so far.”

“I was impressed that I came away from a two-day course on NLP and Hypnosis with skills that I could apply in practice”

“A fascinating, very practical and, most importantly, useable introduction to hypnosis and NLP.”

“The course lecturers were amazingly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I learnt the importance of language and how to hypnotise myself.”