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How ‘green medicine’ could help Generation Lockdown rejuvenate post-Covid

The rise of ‘green medicine’ could help people recover from lockdown life, the College of Medicine’s Chair has told a national newspaper.

Dr Michael Dixon told the Daily Express that ‘Generation Lockdown’ can use nature to help restore themselves following almost a year of restrictions.

The Devon GP said that the elderly and those living in social deprivation could also look to green medicine to help rejuvenate physical and mental health.

Pursuits Dr Dixon deemed beneficial to health include gardening, country walks and eating fresh, seasonal food.

He said: “In terms of life expectancy and quality of life, this is enormously important.

“We hope one effect of this pandemic is recognition of the importance of our local environment and local community.”

Dr Dixon also referenced the College of Medicine’s new 10-year manifesto for achieving better health, Hope For The Future, which is published in the spring, and is written by pioneering figures in UK health including Sir Sam Everington, Professor Dame Donna Kinnair and Sir Stephen Holgate.


He describes the manifesto as ‘a closely written piece of work with bold and imaginative proposals, which will mark the expansion of the College with a number of new Faculties. Following the scourge of COVID-19, our call to re-define medicine has become more urgent than ever.’