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The College of Medicine manifesto: Hope for the Future, our ten-year plan

The College of Medicine’s new manifesto, Hope for the Future, is our vision for better healthcare in the next decade.

Published during the uncertain era of a global pandemic, it looks ahead to a world altered by Covid-19 and has been written by some of the most influential names in UK health, including Sir Sam Everington, Sir Stephen Holgate and Dame Donna Kinnair.

Over 15 succinct chapters, those currently working on the frontline of health document their thoughts, experiences and opinions on how we can improve health for everyone. Our Chair, Dr Michael Dixon, a pioneer of social prescribing, describes Hope for the Future as ‘a rallying cry demanding that medicine must step out of the hospital and GP surgery and become part of the community’.

Find out how the College of Medicine plans to redefine medicine over the next ten years by reading the manifesto below. And please do join us in helping to share #Hopeforthefuture across social media platforms.


ABOUT THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE The College of Medicine was founded in 2010 to reform healthcare so that it works for everyone in a way that’s inclusive, progressive and compassionate. We want to redefine medicine beyond pills and procedures, to reconnect practitioners with patients, people with their environment and use both conventional and non-conventional approaches to health. The College is a ‘coming together’ of some of the brightest minds in the UK including NHS pioneers, scientists, CAM professionals, students and members of the public.