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‘Harmony in Health’ Group

‘Harmony in Health’ is a specialist group linked to The Harmony Project. It takes its inspiration from HRH The Prince of Wales’ vision, set out in his book ‘Harmony: A new way of looking at our world’. This vision shows us that, by turning to Nature as our teacher, we are better placed to tackle the challenges facing humankind.  The group is led by Dr Eleni Tsiompanou.  We look at health through the prism of harmony, connecting natural approaches with modern ideas that are in conformity with Nature and enhance its healing aspects, aiming to restore balance in a human being.

Harmony in health means:

• Cultivating and maintaining health rather than focusing on diagnosing and trying to cure disease
• Gentle compassionate and natural interventions that nurture the whole ‘environment’ in a person, and enhance natural rhythms, rather than interventions that are imposed mechanically and one-dimensionally – regardless of consequences
• Promoting interaction between and balance of mind, body and spirit


Healthcare services are at their limit. There is an excessive focus on trying to cure disease – once it occurs – rather than seeking to maintain health. We should make use of the many different disciplines that help people both cultivate and maintain their own health.


​A more balanced, harmonious state of health can be brought about by drawing on natural systems of medicine, mind-body practices from East and West, and an increased focus on everyday factors that promote wellbeing.

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We want to grow a team of experts to increase awareness of harmony in health ideas and bring them into the community in a practical way.
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