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Self Care Group

orangesFacilitating the healthcare that happens without professionals

Our Self Care Group is led by Professor David Peters and Simon Mills.  The group works on a number of projects not simply to give people more information on self-care, but to provide resources that engage with people.

Background to Self Care

90% of common illnesses are already dealt with without bothering health professionals.  Millions of people treat themselves with over the counter products ranging from pharmaceuticals to complementary health.  Research shows that they are more likely to be influenced by friends and neighbours in their choices than by evaluating evidence.  How then can we help people to make good choices?

The Self Care Library and other resources

We have produced a self care guide for patients, providing evidence based treatment for twelve common chronic conditions – and red flags which indicate you should go and see your GP.

Our Health Directory provides self care resources.

Read the self-care issue of the Journal of Holistic Healthcare for free – download here.