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About the Neuromusculoskeletal Faculty

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About the Neuromusculoskeletal Faculty, College of Medicine

squarechronicpain350Bringing together a range of specialists, the College of Medicine’s Neuromusculoskeletal Faculty exists to give people more information about bone and joint disorders and the impact they can have on physical and mental health.

We will help patients understand their condition and ways in which they can help themselves, but will also assist healthcare professionals in learning how they can provide care that is up to date and effective.

Back and joint pain are enormous problems in society. Collectively known as musculoskeletal disorders, they are the commonest cause of sickness absence and although most episodes of pain are short-lived, they can lead to long term pain and disability. People of all ages can develop back or joint pain, but as people get older they can also experience secondary health problems arising from a loss of mobility. Traditional medicine struggles to cope with the volume of patients who experience musculoskeletal disorders. It is therefore necessary to think again about how we manage this challenging issue.

By understanding neuromusculoskeletal disorders we can learn to manage them better; this involves evaluating what works best and what doesn’t. By applying the best evidence, the experience of clinicians and patients own views and preferences, we can start to address neuromusculoskeletal disorders from a holistic perspective. This means that we look at patients as unique individuals and not just restrict ourselves to where the pain is being felt.

The Neuromusculoskeletal Faculty is led by Sarah Bazin and Richard Brown.

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