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Neuromusculoskeletal Group


About us

Bringing together a range of specialists, the College of Medicine’s Neuromusculoskeletal Group exists to give people more information about bone and joint disorders and the impact they can have on physical and mental health. Our events help patients understand their condition and ways in which they can help themselves, but will also assist healthcare professionals in learning how they can provide care that is up to date and effective.

What does Neuromusculoskeletal mean?

We know that patients’ responses to illness can significantly impact on the rate and extent of recovery. Fears, beliefs and attitudes towards bone and joint pain are known to be factors that affect treatment response.

As healthcare professionals we are beginning to realise that we need to consider the ‘neuro’ as well as the ‘physical’ aspects of musculoskeletal problems; that psychological factors play an important role in our management. One of our core aims in the Neuromusculoskeletal Group is to encourage people to learn how to help themselves.

We know that people who take responsibility, play their part and follow advice tend to do better than those who rely solely on their health care provider. Patients who are informed about their problem and empowered to be a partner in the recovery process generally get better quicker and stay better longer.