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Our specialist groups

make_a_pledge_pictureThe College is home to a number of specialist groups with an interest in a broad aspect of healthcare.  These groups produce occasional papers and events and inform the decisions of the wider College.

Currently we have groups with an interest in self-care, mental health, neuromusculoskeletal issues and a homelessness, exclusion health and a ‘harmony in health’ group connected to the highly successful London Pathway project. All those involved are members of the College.

If you are interested in engaging more deeply on any of these issues, please get in touch initially at

Neuromusculoskeletal Group

Exploring the link between bone and joint pain and brain factors

Self Care Group

Facilitating the care that happens beyond medical settings.

Mental Health Group

The time-honoured divide between ‘physical’ and ‘mental’ understandings and practices is crumbling – with increasing evidence for the way in which the mind is ‘em-bodied’ as well as ‘em-brained’.

Homeless and inclusion health group

Our homeless and inclusion health group is linked to Pathway: an organisation which helps homeless people more effectively use the healthcare system.

‘Harmony in Health’ Group

‘A new way of looking at our world’. This vision shows us that, by turning to Nature as our teacher, we are better placed to tackle the challenges facing humankind.