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Recipes for sustainable healthcare: new report

summerschool720xA new Sustainable Healthcare Report led by the College of Medicine and AbbVie, with the support of health organisations and expert patients, was launched at the House of Commons on Tuesday 17th June 2014.

Read the report here

The report makes recommendations for how the delivery of NHS care can be made more sustainable and help to improve outcomes for people living with long-term conditions.

Nearly 15 million people in England have a long-term condition such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia or asthma which in turn account for half of GP appointments and two thirds of outpatient and A&E visits. If the NHS can improve the support provided to those living with long-term conditions then not only will patients get better outcomes but the service will also benefit from important financial efficiencies.

Part of the mission of The College of Medicine is to work with health organisations, practitioners and patients to share evidence and experience that will shape future healthcare models.

The Sustainable Healthcare Report makes 12 recommendations for change across three areas:

  •  Embedding a person-centred approach, which considers the individual rather than a siloed focus on their condition(s)
  • Helping patients to navigate the healthcare system and manage their condition with confidence
  • Using technology to improve the delivery of services and care closer to home and equipping patients to self-manage