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Lancet unveils its Global Burden of Disease study

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blood pressureLate in 2012, the Lancet published the results of its 2010 Global Burden of Disease study. 

The material is free to non-subscribers, and is introduced in a short podcast.

Read the whole study here

Introducing the material, Lancet editor Dr Richard Horton highlights some of the main findings:

  • The study shows an overall picture of good news – since the first Global Burden of Disease study in the 1990s, longevity has increased in most parts of the world
  • However the number of people living with a chronic illness has increased
  • AIDS remains a significant threat, with 1.5million people killed by the disease in 2010
  • Healthcare workers may have overlooked the needs of young adults, whose high risk of illness often goes unregarded
  • The incidence of breast cancer has increased from around 600,000 cases in the 90s to 1.6 million in 2010.  Horton says that diseases with these large increases call for a completely different approach to the one being pursued at the moment.