Changing the conversation about health

Healthcare professionals

College of Medecine annual conference 2011We work people from across the spectrum of the healthcare professions – doctors, nurses, scientists, complementary therapists, podiatrists, GPs and social workers. 

We unite those just starting out on their careers with people at the end of decades of eminent work in healthcare.

What all these professionals have in common is an openness to new ideas and working beyond their own specialism.  For some this has come about from their own journey through ill health – for others through the lived experience of serving patients and seeing what works in practice.

On these pages we bring together some basic resources, alongside short introductions to the innovative thinking of many healthcare professionals associated with the College.

  • Creative thinkers

    Healthcare professionals speak about their practices, their patients, their own health - and the change they would like to see.

  • Reports and reviews

    Read our thinkpieces on improving the healthcare ecosystem

  • Our specialist groups

    Including mental health, homelessness, self care and neuromusculoskeletal issues.

  • Therapists

    Exploring multi-disciplinary integrated approaches including complementary, psychological, self-care and lifestyle.

  • Why compassion can save money, time and lives

    Dr Robin Youngson explains why compassion benefits everyone.