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College of Medicine offers free online health and well-being sessions during the COVID-19 restrictions

The College of Medicine has teamed up with leading healthcare practitioners amongst our members to offer free daily online sessions to support health and well-being during the coronavirus pandemic.

A full list of sessions are listed here, with dates and times , and can also be viewed on our Events page.

Strong body, strong mind: The College of Medicine has teamed up with a variety of members to offer free online health and wellness sessions


Freddy’s Free Friday Therapy at Four (you will need to register for this)
Freddy Jacquin has kindly agreed to continue to offer a free online session going forward, which will run on the last Friday of each month via Zoom at 4pm (UK local time), starting in August 2020.  Please note that these sessions will replace Freddy’s weekly sessions that he has kindly run throughout the lockdown period.

The next of Freddy’s new sessions will be announced soon.

Learn the ancient art of Qigong, which uses meditation, breathing and co-ordinated movements to enhance wellness


Morning practice sessions provided by John Millar. These 30-minute sessions run from 8am to 8.30am every weekday. There’s also a Covid Calm session available on the website,, for healthcare professionals.

Qigong Sessions: (8:00am to 8:30am weekdays)
Daily Qigong Session – login via Zoom here.
Enter meeting ID 593 475 657
Passcode  053215

Every Tuesday at 6.30pm MINDFULNESS
Free Mindfulness Sessions – provided by Dr Mark Chambers and Jennie Thornton
Mindfulness has proven benefits in reducing anxiety, stress and irritability, improving the quality of sleep, and boosting immune function.  

  1. Log into Zoom.
  2. Click ‘Join meeting’
  3. Meeting ID: 830 1612 2028
  4. Passcode: 738343
Dr Deniah Pachai is facilitating free yoga sessions every Saturday at 10am

10:00am YOGA

College member Dr Deniah Pachai will be facilitating free access to practice the Five Elements Movements online via Zoom every Saturday from 10-10.30am.

The Saturday session can be accessed by using the following Zoom login details:

For this session you need to register in advance.

Free Thought Field Therapy Sessions – provided by Janet Thomson
TFT is a simple non-invasive technique that anyone can learn, to help cope with negative thoughts.  It was developed by Roger Callahan who discovered that tapping on certain meridian points could help counter these negative emotions.  It’s simple to use and you can often notice a difference in how you feel in just a few minutes.  

Janet Thomson has been offering live TFT and energy clearing Zoom classes (initially daily and latterly once per week on a Thursday morning) for members during lockdown. As many of us are now resuming some kind of normal working life it’s clear not everyone that attended can make the weekly calls, but still would love to receive the TFT energy clearing workouts. With this in mind Janet is going to do a live session directly onto her Facebook feed (on an ad hoc basis) and send the link to all those that have been attending her classes so they can watch it and join in at their convenience. If you were not able to join Janet for her Zoom classes but would like to receive a link for these sessions please email her directly at and she will add you to the list.

Free Weekday Online Exercise for All Sessions at 9.30am

Free half-hour gentle exercise sessions provided by College Trustee and Council Member, Chartered Physiotherapist, Sarah Bazin. Classes consider physical health, mobility, balance, strength, endurance and the importance of managing some aerobic exercise each day. 

These free half hour sessions, which will run each weekday at 9.30am, will address each aspect, include gentle exercise and finish with a period of relaxation. You will need a dining room chair for these sessions. If you don’t already have a Zoom account, it is free to download. Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to Zoom
  2. Click ‘Join meeting’
  3. Enter meeting ID 779-583-4695
  4. Password: 153272

Free Weekly Online Breath Practices – Every Wednesday at 8.00am

Owing to the overwhelming success of the previous breath sessions, from the Wednesday 30th September, College member Heather Mason from The Minded Institute will be offering free online Breath Practice sessions every Wednesday from 08:00 – 08:45 am (UK local time).

With a background in yoga therapy, neuroscience, physiology, and psychotherapy, Heather has been teaching clients and health professionals how to use breathing to improve health and shift mood, for over 10 years.  She is now offering these methods to anyone who wants to learn. In her ongoing series you will continue to learn techniques that will help you cope in challenging times, while dually offering simple, effective, long-term skills for personal transformation.
Please click to register.

Free yoga sessions twice a day

GP and yoga teacher Sonali Sudarshi has joined forces with yoga teachers to give free 10 minute breathing/meditation sessions every weekday.

The sessions run at 7am and 8.30pm on weekdays during these unprecedented times. For more details, visit


Health Hawk, a group of health practitioners, patients, researchers and organisations supportive of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are asking healthcare professionals, as well as the general public, to complete the V-HAWK virus and health and wellbeing checker to find out how people are interacting with complementary and alternative medicine during the pandemic. For more information on V-HAWK go to


Free YouTube channel HealthFlix offers health-focused content, including classes and interviews with key figures in the world of social prescribing.

The streaming service promises health-related content to help people during isolation

Aiming to be the equivalent of Netflix for people interested in health-related content, the YouTube channel has already secured more than a hundred videos with leading figures discussing health, wellness and lifestyle.

The service hopes to help viewers stay healthy, combat stress and achieve good sleep during self-isolation to prevent the spread of coronavirus.