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The Power of Eating Well

We believe that healthy food could save millions from chronic ill health and degenerative disease. A growing coalition of scientists, doctors, researchers, farmers – as well as traditional food specialists – are increasingly championing food as a health strategy.

As well as traditional good advice such as ‘eat your vegetables’ there is growing evidence about the importance of gut bacteria – and contested areas, particularly around fat, sugar and the role of isolated vitamins.

What we are doing: our annual food conference

The College of Medicine has now hosted five of its popular food conferences. In June 2023, we’ll return with our one-day Food on Prescription conference at the Integrative Personalised Medicine, an in-person event in central London.

Highlighting the importance of good nutrition for health, the Food on Prescription conference is a must attend event for all healthcare professionals looking to create a healthier future for their patients, communities and nation. Find out more here.

Pictured at The College of Medicine’s Food on Prescription conference in 2022, from left: Dr Catherine Zollman, Dr Michael Dixon, Dr Rupy Aujla and Amanda King

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Key voices on food: videos and podcasts



British epidemiologist, medical doctor, and science writer Tim Spector, who’s spoken at several of our food conferences, regularly broadcasts on his social media channels about the latest developments on food for health…


Best-selling author, TV presenter and podcast host, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, joined us in 2022 at our Food on Prescription conference. His popular Feel Better, Live More podcast frequently discusses topics around food…


Founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen, Dr Rupy, who hosted our Food in Prescription Conference in 2022, has dedicated his career to helping people eat better on a daily basis. His podcasts and videos offer recipes and ideas for transforming health via a healthy diet…