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Food for patients with heart conditions

Patients with heart conditions from College of Medicine on Vimeo.

Dr Ali Khavandi is a heart surgeon who uses all the usual surgical techniques to unblock arteries in an emergency. He’s also less typical in his emphasis on how a change in diet can make a substantial difference to longer term outcomes. He believes that hospitals should lead by example and is helping to change the culture at the Bath hospital where he works, so that heart healthy options like porridge are more in evidence on the menu than cakes and fizzy drinks.

He gives sound advice both for people who have an existing heart condition and those who want to avoid it.

Dr Khavandi runs the Cardiologists kitchen blog – and you can read his receipe for Mediterranean Fisherman’s Stew on this site.

College of Medicine members can also access the slides here (and all other slides from the conference)  – but it should be easy for non-members to follow the talk without these.