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Food is medicine: events, blogs and talks you might like

poppySince our conference ‘Food. the forgotten Medicine’ a week ago, we’ve been delighted to see word spreading about its ideas like lactobacilli in an intestine.

Two of our speakers have upcoming events which you may also find useful to expand your knowledge.


Dr Eleni Tsiompanou and Dr Garuth Chalfont will be presenting ‘Brain Loving Diet: Avoid Dementia’ at 8 – 9 Hop Gardens, London on 25th June, 11am – 1.30pm. Tickets £20. Full details here.

Dr Stephen Devries MD FACC is offering a 3-hour online nutrition education course from his nonprofit Gaples Institute.  The course is designed to provide foundation knowledge and skills for clinicians.  Full details here.

Professor Tim Spector features on the BBC’s Food Programme discussing the gut microbiome.

and thankyou to Dr Rupy Aujila who attended the conference and gives a very thorough write up on his blog.

Do follow @DrEleni @timspector @doctors_kitchen on twitter to keep up with their work.  We’re also delighted that @DrAliKhavandi has joined twitter as a direct result of the conference, so he can spread word about food as medicine to a wider audience.