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Food as medicine: Diet, myths and microbes

Food as medicine: Diet, myths and microbes from College of Medicine.

Tim Spector is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London. His talk on the microbiome and health was one of the highlights of our recent Food. the forgotten Medicine conference.

His story starts when his own health had a serious setback, and he made use of his long standing study into the health of twins to gain a greater understanding of relationships between food and gut bacteria.

Here, he gives a whistlestop tour around the various diets and their impact on the microbiome – from wall to wall French cheese to ten days of eating only MacDonalds (clue: not advised). Finally, he gives suggestions for a gut-friendly diet.

College of Medicine members can also access the slides here (and all other slides from the conference)  – but it should be easy for non-members to follow the talk without these.