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European Congress for Integrative Medicine to be held in London in 2020

The European Congress on Integrative Medicine will be hosted in London in 2020, it has been announced.

It is the first time the long-established event, which offers a forum to facilitate the advancement of healthcare that combines conventional medicine with evidence based lifestyle, complementary and traditional approaches, has been held in the UK.

The first European Congress for Integrative Medicine in Germany in 2008 and the conference will now be hosted in London for the first time in 2020

The conference was first launched in Germany in 2008 and has since been held in Italy, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia.

The College of Medicine’s Dr Michael Dixon is Vice President of the Congress along with Dr Elizabeth Thompson, CEO at the UK’s National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM).

Dr Dixon said positive discourse on integrative medicine is the conference’s aim, saying: “Our mission is to bring people together to create a more compassionate, progressive, value-based, sustainable healthcare system.

“ECIM 2020 will provide the ideal opportunity to share our experiences with integrative medicine professionals who share our passion for person-centred medicine.”

Over three days from September 11th to 13th 2020, at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, the congress will feature senior level keynote speakers presenting evidence-informed papers on the latest research and clinical application of integrative medicine.

To find out more about the European Congress for Integrative Medicine, visit or follow ECIM on Twitter @ecimcongress