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Our 2013 Annual conference: a round up

anyaatconferenceOn Tuesday June 11th 2013 we brought together a host of doctors, scientists, healthcare experts and patients for our third Annual Conference.  This page brings together some of the materials from the day.

Conference film

We filmed a number of the sessions at our Annual Conference – you can watch them here. 

There is also slightly more detail on some films elsewhere on the site:

Presentation materials

We have powerpoint presentations for most (but not all) speakers and two short films shown at the conference. They include:

  • Material on women’s health from fertility to menopause
  • Government speakers including Susan Summers and Norman Lamb MP
  • Compassionate care and frontline staff
  • Patient leadership

You can view them here. 

Poster competition

This year’s conference poster competition was on the subject of self-care and drew a wide variety of entries, which explored issues as diverse as Type One Diabetes management and why doctors don’t always practice what they preach.

The winners were Sarah Davis and Eunice J Minford, and is called ‘Healthy Doctor, Healthy Patient: Evaluating the Efficacy of an Online Self-Care Programme.

The runner up was Dr Sarah Anderson et al: Can you sing for better health?

Read and download our poster shortlist here.

Learning outcomes

If you attended one of our workshops, read a handy list of the learning outcome here. 


Many of the College’s Annual Awards were presented at the prestigious dinner following the conference.  They included:

  • Our Innovations Award.  First prize went to Altogether Better – the three runners up were Green Dreams, the Penny Brohn Centre and Christies Hospital.  Read more here
  • Our self-care award went to Anya de longh – read our interview with her here shortly. Read more about Anya.
  • Our Poster competition
  • Our award for best student member went to Ellie Crossley