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Our conferences

Since its inception in 2010, the College of Medicine has held three annual conferences and one international conference in Bangalore, India.  These have been augmented with two Food conferences, and one Plant conference.

All have drawn together innovative thinkers, nationally and internationally, to explore approaches to the patterns of chronic illness and unhealthy environments that are producing similar results on every continent.

Food. The future Medicine, 2017

Building on the success of the 2016 conference, Food, The future Medicine brought together food producers, retailers and patients to create a concerted voice of the frontline that will enable everyone to have better access to good healthy food for those who need it most.  The conference also saw the launch of Food for Thought – a news style programme produced in association with ITN Productions.

Plant Medicine Conference, 2017

The 2017 Plant Medicine conference provided an opportunity to join an international line up of physicians, researchers, clinicians, and pharmacists, to introduce a new evidence base for potential health service benefits of herbal medicines, culinary spices, and plant food ingredients.  Attended by HRH The Prince of Wales, the conference also saw the publication of our booklet on the use of herbal options in family practice and the beginning of a higher profile for the role of plants and herbs in healing and health.

Food. the forgotten Medicine, 2016

Our sellout conference on food as medicine clearly touched a nerve – and brought through leading doctors and researchers alongside cooks and dieticians.  All had come to realise the power of food as a preventative and healer and shared fascinating evidence on subjects from the microbiome to food and cardiology.

Our international conference in Bangalore, 2013

Our three day conference brought together 600 delegates from across the world to explore ‘health futures’ and the answer to rising levels of chronic illness. Speakers included Sir John Oldham (National Clinical Lead for Quality and Productivity), HRH, The Prince of Wales (video message), Kerryn Phelps (former President of the Australian Medical Association), His Excellency Dr Bhardway (Governor of Karnataka), Professor Dean Ornish, Professor Justin Wu and Sir Jonathan Porrit.

Read the whole conference report here.
Read perspectives from the speakers including Kerryn Phelps, Sir John Oldham, Woodson C Merrell.

2013 Annual Conference

Our 2013 conference focused on self care  and many sessions were filmed: you can see much of the material here.  Issues included research into burnout among GPs, the role of general practice in improving local health, and an exploration of how promoting self-care can be commissioned.  Download presentations and read more here.

2012 Annual Conference

Our 2012 conference explored healthy ageing – from exercise to cutting edge science.  We heard from experts on a wide range of subjects, from Prof Elizabeth Blackburn’s latest research into telomeres, to Innovations Prize winner Fit as a Fiddle‘s Community projects.

Read more here (includes a short film of the conference highlights).

2011 Annual Conference

Our first annual conference included a keynote speech by Professor Dean Ornish on the transformative effects of positive  lifestyle changes on heart disease, as well as talks on the measurable impact of tne natural world on health.

Dean Ornish on preventing and reversing heart disease

William Bird on the countryside and health

Professor Michael Depledge asks ‘what is the correct dose of nature?’