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Dr Michael Dixon: “Long-term disease rates are soaring and the NHS can’t cope. We now need an integrated approach…”

In an interview filmed ahead of the European Congress for Integrative Medicine 2020, which takes place in London in September, College of Medicine Chair Dr Michael Dixon discusses the importance of integrative medicine, social prescribing, the challenge of gathering whole person evidence and recent research carried out by the WHO on taking an integrated approach.

“The healthcare system is under huge stress as long-term disease rates rise – integrative medicine can solve many of these problems…”

On the continuing stresses on the NHS, Dr Dixon says: “The current healthcare system is not containing the problems we have. If you look at long-term disease, which is 80 per cent of my work as a GP, rates of cancer, stress and anxiety, diabetes, heart disease and obesity are going up and up and up.

“There’s a limit to how much the healthcare system can afford and there’s a limit to the number of doctors and nurses out there – our healthcare system at the moment is under great strain and that’s why we need to have an integrated approach.”

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