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Why give to the College?

If you are a member of the College it is because you believe it is important and can be a catalyst to great change. That change needs to be developed in those coming through the process from early career to more established practitioners.

I’d like to encourage you to encourage, and support them in their early days by sponsoring an early career healthcare practitioner with a small investment in them. This small thing may be all it takes to create a big difference.

Thank you in anticipation of your support – Kevin Laye, College Member

  • £30 pays for a student’s accommodation at our annual student conference
  • £50 subsidises a place for any healthcare professional on our two day foundation course
  • £85 subsidises all costs for one student place at our annual student conference
  • £100 contributes to advocacy for our major work around food, gut health and shifting the UK’s food culture

Your donation can help us disseminate vital ideas for whole person healthcare more effectively through conferences, tailored education and events.

Our supporters help to make a rounded healthcare education within reach of all, and not just those who can afford hundreds of pounds for CPD. It is a critical element in inspiring young and mid-career healthcare professionals to be brave leaders towards more person-centred healthcare.

If you would like to discuss any other donation options, please contact Amanda King.