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“Doing the right thing on a difficult day” – in memory of Aidan Halligan

Aidan_HalliganWe were enormously sad last year to hear of the sudden death of Professor Aidan Halligan – a friend of the College and a remarkable NHS leader.

Pathway, the homeless health charity which he founded, has published a tribute to his life and work here with excerpts from his memorial service. They write:

Aidan once wrote that “Doctors and nurses are not managed into patient care, they are led”. He embodied that sentiment, engaging with homeless healthcare and even hopping down from the stage during a speech to offer his contact details to a patient who had received poor care at his hospital.  His charm made him a compelling public speaker. He shared his wisdom through vignettes of the world he saw around him.

Watch film of and tributes to Aidan on the Pathway site.