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Doctors and complementary therapists need to work together for better patient outcomes

GP Trainer Dr Toh Wong shares how his London conference has proved an important building block in helping complementary therapists and doctors work in a more cohesive way to improve patient care…

The last three years has seen a torrent of interest in Integrative Health, not just in this country but all over the world, and especially in America and Europe. 

Last year, I launched the inaugural Integrative Health Conference in the UK, in a bid to bring doctors and therapists together in one place at one time in a collaborative environment.

There has never been so much interest in integrated medicine but doctors and complementary therapists need to continue to build bridges and adopt a collaborative approach to better help patients, says Dr Toh Wong

The convention, at the Park Plaza in London’s Victoria, was well-received, with a surprising number of young doctors attending as well as countless complementary therapists, all keen to find a new way of working together, rather than apart.

This year’s convention aims to build on those foundations; it’s a practical conference featuring three parallel rooms, running hour-long lectures by leaders in their fields with a focus on something people can take home to apply to themselves or others right away.

There are over 30 speakers with subjects ranging from Acupuncture to Ayurveda, Hypnosis to Homeopathy, Breathwork to Mindfulness, Lifestyle Medicine to TCM and so many more.

“The focus of the convention in 2019 is to Learn, Share and Connect, creating a community of like-minded individuals there to serve, help, and improve themselves and the people around them.” 

The content is all about learning and is massive. We hope the connections made are invaluable, and know that the speakers are giving their time and effort for the common belief that health is better together.

To join this year’s event, on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October, use an exclusive College of Medicine discount code COM10 to get 10 per cent off.

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