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‘Complementary medicine radically altered my views on how to heal’: Dr Michael Dixon’s blog for the British Association for Holistic Medicine

In a 2018 article for the Journal of Holistic Healthcare – republished last month by the British Association for Holistic Medicine and Health Care (BHMA), our Chair, Dr Michael Dixon (pictured below), recounts how, in his own career as a GP, he was hurtling towards burn out until he began to consider complementary medicine and other non-biomedical interventions as viable options for successfully treating patients.

He explains in the article how, later, both of those concepts would fall under the umbrella of ‘social prescriptionand his satisfaction at just how much momentum the movement now has, having been embraced by key stakeholders including patient groups, fellow GPs and local authorities, and in both private and NHS care, in recent years.

Read the full article, including how The College of Medicine continues to push for change, here: