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Complementary Medicine

courtesy-of-the-cropuniversity-of-bristol-by-paloma-a-heart-stopping-momentComplementary medicine can be a useful part of the tool kit in helping people to live healthy lives – along with exercise, good food, community and medical intervention when necessary. Evidence varies, but many therapies seem to tap into psychoneuroimmunology, finding balance between psychological, nervous and immune systems, contributing to finding a healing balance.

We are grateful to Richard Eaton, who will be blogging quarterly round ups of the emerging literature on this subject.  We encourage you to sign up to the mailing list to receive each issue in your inbox.

None of the information provided is intended to be a substitute for medical treatment or an alternative to medical advice. We are not endorsing any product and readers are advised to consult a qualified health practitioner before pursuing any line referenced here.


The Complementary Therapy Awards 2018 are now open to enter.

These awards are devised by Chamberlain Dunn in association with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and how complementary therapists are successfully working alongside or supporting statutory regulated health and care professionals to enhance patient-centred care and improve treatment outcomes. The media partner for the Awards is UK Health Radio and Health Triangle Magazine.

The awards are open to all complementary therapists working as individuals, or in teams where complementary therapists play a leading role.

The Award categories are:

innovation, best practice and success in complementary therapies. They will demonstrate

  • The Award for prevention and self-care
  • The Award for cancer care
  • The Award for palliative care
  • The FHT Award for complementary therapy research
  • The Award for mental health and well-being
  • The Award for pain management, injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • The Award for furthering integrated healthcare
  • Overall winner – complementary therapist or team of the yearpage1image11968

The closing date for entries is 17.00 Monday 3 September but it’s never too soon to start preparing your entry. If you apply by 18 July your entry will be free. After that up to and including 3 September entries will cost £45. To find out what the judges are looking for and how to enter visit the website and to keep up to date with this new awards programme you can sign up here for updates, follow them on Twitter @CompTherapyAwds or get in touch with organisers Chamberlain Dunn on 020 8334 4500.